:: Dimensions, time, all is now forgotten, worthless, even derisory… This is, at least, what we might think when facing the photographer Blacksshark’s amazing and instantly recognizable world.

What if those sharp ‘jaws’ were just a symbol of deep bramble-shaped roots willing, by hook or by crook, to wrap around memories and values, or around all those images which today have become means of semi-propaganda , advertising ones being the most despicable of all ?
Apart from illustrating some purely artistic projects, conveying an atmosphere, a sort of narrative ready to be haunted by out-of-this-world characters, Mylène’s pieces of art shall better evoke dreams in general. In their most mysterious shape, beauty or darkness are by far outworn by the edification of a nonesuch universe serving a concept that the multidisciplinary artist chooses and works on carefully without divesting herself from her peculiar and timeless sense of bizarre.
Though heiress to a long dynasty of photographers, Mylène is a proud and free-minded self-taught artist who sets the stage as nobody else does, creating a world she immediately notices through her models and customers, call it mental snapshot or ‘xenoglossic’ visual poem. Mylène’s beautiful art should be viewed as an hypersensitive reaction rising from a new illustrative challenge, comprehension far beyond simple rendering, pure passion through creation ::
Guillaume Dumazer - Writer & Editor on Nawakulture.fr


"Far too many of these deceptions that the field of artistic creation we reserve all too often delivers a powerfully evocative Mylène and demanding work that can not be ignored. His work thrives on imagination and reality. But this imaginary crossed by the previous dream waking and evocations that as solar terrestrial. And what the real sense, hostages of an era now devoted to lure, boisterous and sterile gesticulation, know that hardly perceive.
Although the choice of the artist did nothing trivial or hazardous, inspiration is always present and do not appear to be limited. The drawings and paintings alongside the various aspects of myth and employ elements that are seemingly often reassembled, drawn from dawn or night time, and which bear the imprint of a long memory, the brand a sense of belonging. The photographs are available on topics that deal mainly with a strong desire to break taboos if necessary. Harmony ecology, deep nature, magic, industrialization, pain, madness: what is expressed here instructs us decisively to a world that escapes us and yet we live. Metaphorical, these snapshots say life in this its most intense and tragic.
No doubt you have to seize the winks, watermarks, subliminal messages that dot the compositions of Mylène. One visit is not enough: we will return a profit on each one to grasp the deeper meaning. For what is staged is subject to a rigorous and amazing professionalism. The gesture, expression, objects, angle of view, contribute to demonstrate the relevance of these representations. Imagination makes up the imagination. The actual unfolds in the realm of the possible. And talent to control everything. »
B. Favrit, Writer.